GS 22 IP PHONE connection

Note: Using different power adapter than the one shown might work but it will damage the device.


1- Open the interface Page of the device, simply press the “OK” button on your IP-phone Xontel S19 and the IP address will appear on the screen.

2- Open a browser on a computer connected on the same network and type in address the IP of the device and the device login interface will appear

  • - User Name : Admin
  • - Password : xontel

3- From the main menu, choose Account , from the side menu , choose Basic and fill the information as follow :

  • Primary SIP server : sip.gulfsip.com
  • Label: GULFSIP number
    SIP User ID : GULFSIP number
    Authenticate ID : GULFSIP number
  • Authenticate Password : GULFSIP password


4- Click on Saveset

5- click on Restart

save set & restart

Note: You can set up to three GULFSIP numbers on your IP phone through Account 1, 2 and 3

6- For blocked countries (i.e. United Arab of Emirates , Egypt or Oman), you should enable VPN by following these steps :

From the main menu, choose Network , From the side menu , choose Advanced

  • Active : yes
  • Upload VPN Config : press on choose file & select the file (client.tar)

7- Click on Import


8- Click on Saveset

5- click on Restart

save set & restart