All GULFSIP numbers come with a free expiration period starting from the first call , while the number is active you will be able to make and receive GULFSIP calls for free, but you need to add more expiration to continue using your number through our renew procedure.

Customers can make a renewal in two different ways:

• Make a renewal from our official application on iPhone or Android.
• Make a renewal from our website.

1. Renew through the applications:

For more details and step by step clarification, please refer to our Renew through the applications available for both iPhone and Android.

2. From website:

Sign in to your account and choose “Renew Subscription” from “Prices” menu.
renew website 1
Fill the required data, then click on “Renew”

1. Payment method: Choose any of the available payment methods.
2. GULFSIP number: The GULFSIP number you wish to renew.
3. Renew cards: Choose the Renew card you wish to add.
4. Renew: Click on renew to complete the process.
renew website 2

Once all data has been filled, you will be redirected to fill the data for the payment method you chose.

• You can also recharge using prepaid cards for renewal, only in Kuwait and only for normal GULFSIP numbers not Kuwait Connect numbers, you can find it in the menu of payment method

1. Payment method: Choose PREPAID CARDS
2. GULFSIP number: The GULFSIP number you wish to renew.
3. Card number: The 13 digits written on the GULFSIP prepaid card.
4. Security code: The code that will appear on your screen.
5. Renew: Click on “renew” to complete the process.

renew website 3

Use GULFSIP balance for renewal:
There is an additional payment method available, while making a renewal, which is GULFSIP balance. Customers may use any balance currently in their GULFSIP number to add expiration, however you can only use GULFSIP balance for renewal if your GULFSIP number is still valid and haven’t expired yet.

Once expiration has been added, your number will become active immediately, and you will be able to make and receive calls.
Check your Expiration any time!

• You can contact our direct service number 102 at any time.
• You can also call on 888 and choose “1” for “Balance and subscription services”.
• You can also check your balance and expiration from the website, just choose “My Numbers” from your account name menu.A list of your GULFSIP numbers with all its details will be shown as below.

website 1


For more explanation about how to Renew GULFSIP no. from website ,  please watch the following video :


  • To Contact us : send email to ,
  • or call our call center on 888 from any GULFSIP no.