Renew from iPhone

You can renew your GULFSIP numbers from your iPhone application, just open the application and follow these steps :

• Sign in with your GULFSIP number.
• Choose “My profile” from the side menu.
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• Your GULFSIP no. Expiry date will appear, and beside it the “Subscribe” button, press on it.
Renew (eng)
• A new window will appear to fill the data required to renew your GULFSIP number.

1. Choose the payment method suitable to you.
2. Choose the GULFSIP number you wish to renew.
3. Choose the renew card.
4. Press “Renew” to complete the process and you will be redirected to your bank to fill in the payment method data.

renew iphone EN
• You can also renew using prepaid cards , you can find it in the menu of payment method  (Available only in Kuwait).

1.  Choose the GULFSIP number you wish to renew.
2. Write the renewal card number as it is shown on the card.
3. Write security code shown on the screen.
4. Press “Renew” to complete the process.

renew iphone EN 2

For more explanation, please watch the following video about how to renew from iPhone app :

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