Features and Usage

GULFSIP PC-Soft phone is an application that enables you to use GULFSIP service through your computer anywhere around the world.

1- Make free GULFSIP To GULFSIP call:
Own a GULFSIP number, then login with your GULFSIP number and call Free any other GULFSIP number around the world .To buy new GULFSIP number Click here

2- Make international call:
Using your GULFSIP number, you can make international calls with the cheapest fees, just login to GULFSIP PC-Soft phone with your GULFSIP number and dial the number starting with the country code.

3- Enjoy listening to the radio channels:
Our GULFSIP PC-Softphone enables you to listen to the Radio channels over the internet, just Click on “Listen to GULFSIP Radio”

4- Check your credit and expiration:
You can check your credit and expiry date after login as shown in the below image, or by dialing 102

5- Contact GULFSIP customer support center
At GULFSIP , One of the most valued services is our customer support. Our highly qualified technical support engineers are ready to assist you in any problem you are facing, whether it is a technical problem or inquiry, in both Arabic and English.
You can contact our customer support center by dialing 888 for FREE any Where around the world.

6- Sending Free SMS
To Send a free SMS to any mobile in the world, just follow the following steps:

– Login with your GULFSIP number and go to SMS
– Choose the destination country to send your SMS & the country code will be filled automatically
– Write the mobile number you wish to send SMS to
– Fill in the SMS body
– Choose the language
– Press “SEND”

7- Following our new offers and advertisements

To Contact us : send email to cs@gulfsip.com ,

or call our call center on 888 from any GULFSIP no.