Order status and history

Order status:

There are five possible statuses for your online orders, below is a clarification for each one:

• Processing: The order is still processing and in a short time the status will be changed to either “Paid” or “Canceled”.
• Not complete: The order was not complete due to canceling the process before it finishes, or due to leaving some mandatory fields empty.
• Canceled: The order has been canceled from your bank, please check back with your bank , or due to wrong data
• Awaiting: Our orders department has sent you an e-mail requesting some additional data, please check your e-mail and reply with the required data.
• Paid: The order has been completed successfully.


Order history:

Customers can check any of their online orders at any time, by following these steps :

Sign in to your account.
• Choose “Orders History” from your account name menu.

orders history

The following will appear to you :

1. Order’s date and time.
2. The order ID number.
3. Order status.
4. Order total amount.
5. For more details on any order , click “View”.
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. You can click on “View”  for any given order, to know more details about the transaction and to be able to print the order as well.



Check specific GULFSIP number Recharge & Renew orders history:

In addition, to check all orders, customers can check their recharge or renew history directly as well, by following these steps :

• Choose “My Numbers” from your account name menu.
• Choose “Settings” for the number you wish to check its history.

website 5

Recharge history:
To check your recharge history click on “Recharge History”
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And you will find the following data :

• Date and time of the recharge order.
• The old balance in the GULFSIP number before recharge order.
• The amount of credit you added through the recharge order.
• The new balance in the GULFSIP number after recharge order.

recharge history

Renew history:
To check your renew history click on “Renew history”
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And you will find the following data :

• Date and time of the renew order.
• The old expiration for the GULFSIP number before renew order.
• The new expiration for the GULFSIP number after renew order.
• The amount of expiration days added.
renew history

  • To Contact us : send email to cs@gulfsip.com ,
  • or call our call center on 888 from any GULFSIP no.