One way call “Can not hear the other side” & call disconnects

• Restart both router and GULFSIP.
• Change port by opening interface page of the device and set “Local SIP port” to 6000.
• To open device interface page, push the “ok” button and you should see the IP address of the device then type the IP address in the address bar of your internet browser on a computer in the same network as shown in Interface page (User: var Password: gulfsip).
• Contact your internet service provider (ISP) and make sure that firewall is turned off on your internet router.


• Change “Local SIP port” to 6000.



For more information or If you are still facing any problem please refer to our FAQ page for GULFSIP Hardware Devices or contact our customer service and Download Remote Support App on a computer in the same network or go to any of the related links available,