Kuwait Connect

Kuwait Connect is a GULFSIP number with additional features over normal GULFSIP numbers:

• Kuwait connect is an 8-digit number and starts with 222***** similar to Kuwait land line numbers.
• Similar to our normal GULFSIP numbers, Kuwait Connect numbers can work on all of our applications and hardware devices.
• Kuwait Connect Number enables you to make free calls to Kuwait (mobile & land line) , you can send/receive calls to/from any Kuwait land line or mobile number for free, all you can do enter the land line or the mobile number without entering Kuwait country code.
• Send/receive calls to/from any GULFSIP number for free.
• Can be recharged with credit to make international calls according to our rates.
• Conference call.
• Voice mail service.
• Call filtering
• Technical support available

You can buy Kuwait Connect numbers from our website and for more information regarding how to buy a number, please refer to our “Buy new number” page.

For more explanation about how to Renew kuwait connect no. from website , please watch the following video :

  • To Contact us : send email to cs@gulfsip.com ,
  • or call our call center on 888 from any GULFSIP no.