Balance & Subscription of GULFSIP no.

GULFSIP balance:

All GULFSIP numbers have the feature that enables you to make international calls to any mobile no. or land line no. , but you need first to add balance for your GULFSIP number by making a “Recharge” order. Once balance has been added to your GULFSIP number, you can make international calls according to our Rates.

GULFSIP expiration:

GULFSIP numbers (bought from website or through devices) have a free expiration period starting from the first call, while the number is active, you will be able to make and receive GULFSIP calls for free, but you need to add more expiration to continue using your GULFSIP number by making a “Renew” order. If your GULFSIP number is expired, there is a 3 months grace period, during that time you will not be able to make calls except to 888 , after this period the number will be return to GULFSIP system. For Kuwait Connect numbers & VIP numbers, the grace period is only 2 weeks.

Note: Free GULFSIP numbers from our Android and iPhone application don’t have an expiration date and don’t need a renewal.

Check your Balance and Expiration any time

• You can call our direct service number 102 at any time.
• You can also call on 888 and choose “1” for “Balance and Subscription services”.
• You can also check your Balance and Expiration for the numbers linked to your account from the website, just choose “My Numbers” from your account name menu.A list of your GULFSIP numbers with all its details will be shown as below.
website 1

  • To Contact us : send email to ,
  • or call our call center on 888 from any GULFSIP no.