Grandstream ATA device enables you to make calls through a telephone kit.


Connection 287 Grandstream

Note: Using different power adapter than the one shown might work but it will damage the device.


1- Open the interface Page of the device, simply dial ***** or ****** (depends on the firmware) from the phone connected to your GULFSIP device and you should hear the IP of the device.

2- Open a browser on a computer connected on the same network and type in address the IP you heard and the device login interface will appear


Password : 123

3- choose “Advanced Settings 1” from the main menu , and fill the information as follow :

  • -SIP user ID: GULFSIP number.
  • -Authenticate ID: GULFSIP number.
    -Authenticate Password: GULFSIP number password.
  • -Name: The name that will appear on your telephone screen, can also use GULFSIP number (Optional)

4- Click on Update

5- A new window will appear, click on Reboot .


6-  For blocked countries (i.e. United Arab of Emirates , Egypt or Oman) , this device doesn’t work in blocked countries as it doesn’t support VPN


  • Fax Setting

You can use FAX with your GULFSIP devices, but you will need to have an internet speed of at least 1MB or higher, a few settings on your GULFSIP hardware device and then connect your FAX with the “Phone” port in your GULFSIP devices .

After setting the FAX you can send to any GULFSIP number or international number if you have balance in your GULFSIP number .

1- Choose “Advanced Settings 1” from the main menu

Codec: Set it to PCMU as the first Choice.
FAX Mode: Set it to T.38 (Auto detect).

2-  Click on Update

3-  A new window will appear, click on Reboot



Below is a list of the most common problems and its solution :
Not working “Busy tone”.
Can’t hear anything.
One way call “Can not hear the other side” & call disconnects.
Bad voice quality.

Not working “Busy tone”:
• Make sure that your internet connection is working well and stable, also test the internet cable on your PC (Make sure that any wireless connection on the PC is turned off while testing the cable).
• Check your wire connection for your GULFSIP device model from connection page.
• If your internet router is multi-port, change the socket used from router side.
• Restart your internet router and GULFSIP device for five minutes.
• Dial ***** or ****** (depends on the firmware version) you should hear the IP address of the device, if you hear then that means there is a problem with the cable or internet router.

Can’t hear anything:
• Change phone kit and phone wire and make sure that phone wire is installed correctly in the GULFSIP device.
• Restart both router and GULFSIP device.
• Put the power adapter in a socket in the wall direct, also make sure that the power adapter used is correct values (output) as shown in connection page.

One way call “Can not hear the other side” & call disconnects:
• Restart both router and GULFSIP device .
• Contact your internet service provider (ISP) and make sure that firewall is turned off on your internet router.

Bad voice quality:
• Restart both router and GULFSIP device.
• Check your internet speed by making a speed test.
• Change codec depending on your internet speed by following configuration as shown below:

  • - Use G.723 for low internet speeds.
  • - Use G.729 for medium internet speeds.
  • - Use PCMU & PCMA for high internet speeds.