Conference Call from iPhone application

Conference call service, which is a free service, allows our customers to invite unlimited amount of users to participate in the same conversation.

To use the service, you can follow these steps:

• sign in with your mobile number .

Registraion 1 (4)
• Please Dial 103


• Create a room with a password of your choice
• Start inviting friends by dialing “0” followed by the number you wish to invite to the conversation.
• You can also invite your friends by giving them the room number and password, and they will be able to call “call conference” service then choose “join an existing room” option followed by room number and password and they will be able to join as long as the room is still available.

For more information please check our FAQ page for Software and Mobile Applications, or check any of the related links available

For more explanation , please watch the following video

To Contact us : send email to ,

or call our call center on 888 from any GULFSIP no.