All basic information for GULFSIP Android application to get you started

Setup VPN on Android

For any customer in blocked countries , please do these steps before opening the GULFSIP application Step 1 Go to play store Step 2 Write Read More

Install GULFSIP on your Android

1. Download GULFSIP from “Play Store”  Here 2.Just search for “GULFSIP”. 3.Once the app is downloaded , Please press Allow 4.Then press CONTINUE 5.Please enter your mobile Read More

Manage your contacts

To check your contacts, open GULFSIP application and follow these steps : • Sign in with your GULFSIP or Mobile number. • A message might Read More

Check application version

To check the current GULFSIP application version you have installed, open the application and follow these steps : • Sign in with your mobile number  Read More

Application Update

To enjoy the best service available and the latest features, please make sure that your GULFSIP application is updated to the latest version, as we Read More