GULFSIP Services

Is there VIP numbers for  Kuwait Connect ?


Currently there are no VIP numbers for Kuwait Connect but we might add them in the future, customers will be informed if such an offer became available.

Do I need an internet connection to use Kuwait Connect service?


Yes. You need to have an active internet connection to use Kuwait connect  number on any of our applications or Hardware devices; however any person in Kuwait using mobile or land line number can call you without a need for internet connection at their side.

I’m having trouble with my GULFSIP number; is there a way to contact support other than 888?

You can contact us on local numbers in Kuwait, or Bahrain . If you can’t contact us on these numbers you can still contact us through our live chat or e-mail.

Can I call support from anywhere?

You can call us from anywhere on 888 from any GULFSIP number.