GULFSIP Services

How long does the Conference call room last for?

The room will be available as long as there is at least one customer in the room and users can join the room at any time as long as it is available, however once all users leave the room it will be deleted.

If I leave the Conference call room; can I return again?

Yes, you can rejoin the room again at any time as long as the room is still available.

If someone in the Conference call room adds a person via international call to his mobile; does this deduct balance from the person who created the room?

No, balance is only deducted from the person who added the mobile or land line number to the conversation according to our call rates.

My friend doesn’t have a GULFSIP number; can I add him to the Conference call conversation?

Yes, when you try to add a number dial “0” followed by the country code then the land line or mobile number you wish to add, however you must have balance in your GULFSIP number to add mobile or land line number to the conference call.

Who can add numbers to the conference call?

Any user currently present in the room can add people.

How many numbers can I add to the conference call? And is this a free service?

You can add unlimited number of GULFSIP users and 1 international call per user to the conversation and the conference call service is 100% free.

I have sent an SMS but it wasn’t delivered, help!

If you get an error-114 while sending SMS or when delivery fails, please contact our customer support so that we may check our SMS route to that country.

I have multiple GULFSIP numbers but I can only send 2 free SMS why is that?


The free SMS limit is per account, so if you have all your GULFSIP numbers linked to one account you will only be able to send 2 free SMS, however if you have your numbers on 2 accounts you will be able to send 4 free SMS, 2 from each account.

I don’t have a GULFSIP number but I have an account; can I send SMS?


No, this feature is only available for customers with GULFSIP numbers or from our applications on Android and Iphone.

If I don’t send SMS at any day does that mean I can send more than 2 SMS the next day?

No, the free SMS is a daily offer. You can only send 2 free SMS per day.