GULFSIP Services

Can I choose different mobile number to show off than my mobile number?

You can only show or hide your mobile number recorded in our system as a caller ID, however you can change your data recorded in our system to show off a different mobile number.

Can I tune to GULFSIP Radio if I don’t have a number?

No, this service is only available through GULFSIP numbers or from our Android and Iphone applications.

My call history is showing some calls that I didn’t make what can I do?

Please make sure that no one else is using your number and contact our customer service to check on your GULFSIP number.

I have transferred credit to a wrong number; what can I do?

You can contact the GULFSIP number that you have transferred credit to and ask them to transfer the credit back as GULFSIP is not responsible for any wrong transfer. If you transferred credit to a new number not owned by anyone, please contact our customer service.

Can I block more than one number from calling me?

Yes, customers can block as many numbers as they want from calling them.

Is there a way to forward calls only when my GULFSIP number is busy or when no answer?

Customers can contact our customer service to set different call forward conditions that currently aren’t available through 888 like forward when busy or unavailable.

Sometimes I forget to check my inbox; is there an easy way to know that I have a Voice mail?

You can enable notification e-mails to receive an e-mail whenever you have a new Voice mail, just contact our customer support and they will be able to set it for you at any time.

I own multiple GULFSIP numbers; how can I listen to the Voice mails for all of my numbers?

You can only hear messages available for the GULFSIP number you are calling the service number from.

When I call my friends sometime I hear the Voice mail message immediately and sometime after few rings; why is this happening?

The Voice mail service is activated whenever a GULFSIP number isn’t available, so when you hear the message immediately that means the number you are calling isn’t registered on our system right now and when you hear it after few rings that will be cause the other party you are calling didn’t pick the phone after the default number of rings.

How do I know that I have a voice mail?

If you are using your GULFSIP number on a hardware device the phone bulb will be flashing if there is a Voice mail. If you are using any of our applications you must enable e-mail notifications to know that you have a Voice mail or you can simply check your Voice mail inbox on a regular basis.