GULFSIP Applications

How do i use Kuwait Connect from GULFSIP applications?

You can use your Kuwait Connect number on any of our applications similar to normal GULFSIP numbers, for more information on how to use Kuwait Connect  number you can check our Iphone and Android pages.

Is there any difference between normal GULFSIP number and mobile number used through the application?

Unlike mobile numbers, you can use your GULFSIP number on any of the hardware devices which isn’t available for mobile numbers. Also Mobile numbers doesn’t require renewal.

I’m trying to register with my number through the applications but it keeps on loading and sometimes crash, how can I fix that?

Please check your internet connection on your mobile and make sure it is stable, also update both your GULFSIP application and phone operating system.

Can I use my mobile number to register on my device?

No, you can only use normal, VIP or Kuwait Connect  numbers on our devices.

My country isn’t listed in the free Mins offer, is there a way to get this offer?

The offer is only for the countries listed, but we will make sure to update the list as we add more countries to the offer.

I have registered through GULFSIP application but I want to change my data, how can I do it?

You can change your data from your profile menu in the application.

I’m using 3G internet with internet speed 7.2G but the sound is bad!

The internet speeds advertised and provided by Mobile companies are for the entire user base in a single area not per user, the speed is shared among all users. And you can test your personal internet speed by downloading an application like “Speed Test”.     Test Now your PC Internet Speed      ,    Test Your IPhone Speed  ,     Test Your Android Speed  .

Sometime when I leave the application running in the background it closes automatically why is that?

Please make sure that the internet connection is stable and update the application and the phone operating system to the latest versions.

Can I make a video call from any of the applications?

Yes, this feature is available only on the Iphone application.

Can I get free GULFSIP number?

Yes, Customers may use their mobile number as a GULFSIP number after registering on our Iphone or Android applications, for more details please refer to our Iphone and Android pages to get free number.