Billing & Payment

I have made order through the website and balance was deducted from my bank, but the process wasn’t completed why?

Please check your personal e-mail as GULFSIP orders team might have sent you a request or confirmation, or you can contact our customer service to check your order status.

How do I know the device’s number?

Once the device is delivered to you, the number will be printed on the device itself as well as on a green card that comes with the device.

I have bought a GULFSIP device when does it arrive?

GULFSIP devices are delivered within 4-work days from the day the order was made (excluding Friday and Saturday).

I can’t buy Kuwait Connect number, please help!

Make sure that you have entered your name correctly as it is shown in your Kuwaiti civil ID and that you have enough credit. If you are still facing trouble please contact our customer service.

How long does the GULFSIP credit last for?

It last for as long as the number is still active with your name.

Are there any prepaid cards for recharge?

For now there is no prepaid cards property of GULFSIP but you can use CashU cards.

I made a recharge to a wrong number; what can I do?

You can contact that GULFSIP number and ask them to transfer the credit back as GULFSIP is not responsible for any wrong recharge. If you recharged a new number not owned by anyone, please contact our customer service.

Are there any prepaid cards for renewal?

Yes, but only in Kuwait through any of “Future communication” stores.

I made a renewal to a wrong number; what can I do?

Please contact our customer service.

My number expired how long can I wait before I have to make a renewal?

All GULFSIP numbers once expired have 3 months grace period and Kuwait Connect numbers have 1 week, during this period you will not be able to make calls other than to 888. If the grace period passed without a renewal the number will return to the system.