Basic information

How do I link my GULFSIP numbers to my website account?

1. Contact our customer service to get your billing user and password.
2. Go to our website and sign in with your website account.
3. Choose “My Account” from your account name menu.
4. Choose “I already have a GULFSIP Number”.
5. Enter your billing user and password.

I have disabled e-mails and SMS notifications from GULFSIP. Can I turn this feature back on?

Customers can turn off notification e-mails and/or SMS from Alerts. You can also turn it back on at any time.

I have forgotten my website account password and I can no longer access my personal e-mail to proceed with the “Forget Password” process, what can I do?

You will need to create a new account and if you need to use the same mobile number for that account you can contact our customer service.

My numbers are linked to my current account but I want to link them to a different account instead; how can I do that?

Please contact our customer service to un-link your numbers from your account.

There is a GULFSIP number not linked to my account; can I still make orders on that number?

Yes, any customer with a valid account can make orders to any GULFSIP number even if the number isn’t linked to their account.

Can I disable my account?

You can send us an e-mail from the e-mail used for your website account to and we will disable your account.

While creating an account I didn’t receive an activation code and I got “Please try again later” message; what can I do?

You can either wait for at least 12 hours to try again or you can contact our customer service.

Can I get free GULFSIP number?

Yes, Customers may use their mobile number as a GULFSIP number after registering on our Iphone and Android applications, for more details please refer to our Iphone and Android pages to get free number.

Can I use my GULFSIP service anywhere? And can I receive all calls on my GULFSIP number?

Yes, you can make free GULFSIP calls as well as international calls from anywhere. You can only receive calls from other GULFSIP numbers, normal land line and mobile numbers can’t call GULFSIP numbers.

What is the minimum internet speed required?

The minimum internet speed is 512KB or higher. You can test your internet speed from our website by making a speed test.