Can’t hear anything

• Restart both router and GULFSIP device.
• Put the power adapter in a socket in the wall direct; also make sure that the power adapter used is correct values (output) as shown in our connectivity and power requirements page.
• Reset GULFSIP device and add configuration through either through Web interface or From Keypad. Note: Don’t attempt to reset the device unless you have your GULFSIP password.
• If after making a reset to the device you still don’t hear anything then that might mean there is a problem with you power adapter. You can try to get new one same specification as shown in our connectivity and power requirements or contact our customer service.

To change the settings in the IP-phone you can do it in two different ways:

Web interface.
From Keypad.

1. Web Interface:

• To open device interface page, push the “ok” button and you should see the IP address of the device then type the IP address in the address bar of your internet browser on a computer in the same network as shown in Interface page (User: var Password: gulfsip).

•To reset the device go to “Upgrade” and reset the device.
• To add configurations go to “Account > Basics” and add configurations as follows,

1. Label: GULFSIP number.
2. Display Name: The name which will appear on the IP-phone screen.
3. Register Name: GULFSIP number
4. User Name: GULFSIP number
5. Password: GULFSIP number password.
6. Click on “Confirm”.

2. From Keypad:

• To open the device setting page using the IP-phone keypad to change any of the settings on the device you need to make sure that the current user is set to “Var”. Using your direction and menu keys follow the following steps:

• Menu.
• User mode.

Use up and down keys to navigate between the next two options.

1. User Type: Choose “var” (using left and right keys).
2. Password: gulfsip.
To reset device please follow steps,

• Menu.
• Settings.
• Advanced Settings.
• Password: gulfsip.
• Reset device.
• Accept the confirmation message.
To add configuration follow steps,

• Menu.
• Settings.
• Advanced Settings.
• Password: gulfsip.
• Accounts then choose the account you wish to activate.
1. Activation: Set to enable (using the left and right keys).
2. Label: GULFSIP number.
3. Display Name: The name which will appear on the IP-phone screen.
4. Register Name: GULFSIP number.
5. User Name: GULFSIP number.
6. Password: GULFSIP number password.

For more information or If you are still facing any problem please refer to our FAQ page for GULFSIP Hardware Devices or contact our customer service and Download Remote Support App on a computer in the same network or go to any of the related links available,