Call Forward & Block

This feature allows our customers to manipulate some of the properties for GULFSIP numbers. Customers can set call forward or call block in two different ways.

* Call Forward feature enables you to forward all incoming calls to a specific GULFSIP number to another GULFSIP number. For example a customer with GULFSIP number 9998888 can set call forward to 9997777 , this way if anyone calls 9998888 the call will be automatically forwarded to 9997777 and that will be the only number will ring.

* Call block feature enables you to block a certain number from calling you.

1. By phone call:

• Both features can be enabled by calling the direct service number 104 , or by calling 888 and choosing “2″ for call forward & call block.
• Customers can remove any call forward or call block they have set at any time.

2. From website:

. Sign in to your account.

log in website
. Choose “My Numbers” from your account name menu, a new window will appear with your account numbers.

my numbers
. Click on “Settings” for the number you wish to change its settings.

website 5

Call forward:

1- Choose “Call Forwarding”
call forward 1
2- Enable / Disable: Click on it to enable or disable the feature.

call forward 2
3- Click on “Change” to set the number you wish to forward calls to, write it , then click on “Save”
call forward 3
Call Block:

1- Choose “Black / White List”

Block 1
2- Click on “Block All Incoming Calls” to block all incoming calls.

3- You can also add specific numbers to be blocked , write the GULFSIP number then, click on “Add number to the list”

Note : you can add more than 1 number to be blocked

Block 2

For more explanation about call forward from website , please watch the following video :


For more explanation about how to manage Black & white list from website , please watch the following video :

  • To Contact us : send email to ,
  • or call our call center on 888 from any GULFSIP no.